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Stock Market Recommendations and Tips to Buy or Sell the Shares

I am an active stock market trader and investor and make decent amount of money from stock market. I would like to share my experience to all of you and some tips to choose companies to invest. This is just my personal opinion and I am sharing the way how I invest/trade in stock market. Information provided here may not be perfect. I always suggest you don't buy stocks by just seeing recommendations from others. But you should study and decide yourself. You have to understand the fact that no one can predict the future of stocks accurately.

Some people say stock market is a game, some say it is luck and some say it is gambling. They say this just because they don't know about stock market. In reality when you invest in stock market, you are becoming an investor or share holder of that company. You are becoming the part of growth of the nation and you contributing in generating more employment and business. But choosing the right company/stock for investment and deciding the time to buy or sell are very important. Here I am giving some common tips and detailed information of each stock in upcoming/inside pages.

1. Financial Status & existence of the company

First and most important thing is to check the existence of the company. Second is to check the financial status of the company. It is not possible for us to visit the company and check. But we can find out this from the financial reports. All companies registered with BSE & NSE has to declare the reports like Quarterly Results, Half Yearly Results, Nine Months Results, Yearly Results, Balance Sheet etc. Each of these results has it's own meaning and it is better to check all these reports. But if you don't have enough time, I suggest you to check at least Quarterly results. This is most important because it gives most recent information.

If sales of the company is zero or reduced too much there is a serous problem and need detailed checking or better to avoid the stock. If the sale increased then the company is in growth path. Normally it used to compare with the previous quarter and same quarter of last year. This is because the sales of the company can be more in particular of the year (Ex: Festival season can have more sales). I personally thinks gross revenue or sales of the company as the most important factor.

Finally everyone wants profit, a business without profit is not of use. A profit of 5% or more is good. Company is more safe if profit % is more. But some cases if company is growing or having high growth potential then you can invest even if company is making loss. But that should be done very carefully. You can also check the cash reserve with the company and the loans/liabilities.

Barbeque Nation Hospitality Ltd 2023 September Quarter Consolidated Results - Net Loss of -11 Crore

Indraprastha Gas Ltd 2023 September Quarter Consolidated Results - Net Profit of 462 Crore

Aether Industries Ltd 2023 September Quarter Consolidated Results - Net Profit of 36 Crore

Easy Trip Planners Ltd 2023 September Quarter Consolidated Results - Net Profit of 46 Crore

Life Insurance Corporation of India Ltd 2023 September Quarter Consolidated Results - Net Profit of 7577 Crore

Granules India Ltd 2023 September Quarter Consolidated Results - Net Profit of 102 Crore

Financial Results

2. Stock & Company Information

You can also refer below items to before investing.

  • 'Book Value' Per Share - Book value indicates company's net asset value (total assets - total liabilities) per share.
  • 'Market Cap' of the company. You should be careful if the Market cap of the company is very low.
  • Average Trade Volume - This is very important factor and indicates the demand of the share and daily traded volumes. If trade volume is very low then you may not be able to sell the share.
  • Dividend information - Normally companies paying dividend are safe bets. But you should check Record dates of Dividend before buy. Share value used to increase before record date and used to fall after that.
  • Bonus Share, Splits, Rights issue - It is very important to check these details. You may loose if you purchase shares around this. Check record date and buy at reasonable price when the price is stable. For example with 1:1 bonus share issue share holder can get one free share for each share he has. But after Bonus share issue, price may go down up to half price which may happen after few days. So you may loose if you buy at high price just after the record date (Before price is settled).
  • Just a simple Google search to know the news about the company. This is just to know is there any serious problem with the company
  • Block Deal/Bulk Deal - You may refer this data, price always rise if there is Bulk/Block deal.
  • Insider Transaction data - This means the share traded information by the promoters of the company. But promoters can sell the share for personal requirements as well.
  • Share Holding Pattern - This is very important data published by every companies quarterly. You can get the information about the shares with promoters, foreign and Indian financial institutions (Ex: LIC), public etc. You can guess the future of the company comparing with previous quarter.

3. Ready to Buy Stocks?

Not only which stock to invest, it is also very important to decide when to buy. I am not a intraday trader, so I won't give suggestions for intraday. If you are doing intraday, then do with only some predefined budget and better don't increase your budget. Chance of making loss is very high with intraday margin trading. Also the profit percentage will not be that high. You can start doing after you learn too much about stocks and if you have enough time during trading time. Call & Put also similar. You can have huge loss/profit and very risky. Here my recommendations are only for delivery.

Basic concept is buy when the price is low and sell when it rises. You can follow like buy in every dips and sell in every rise. My method is I have two trading accounts. After I decide to start buying a stock, I buy in every dips in the 1st account. Once it reaches almost at bottom (This decision can not be perfect), I buy for good amount in 2nd account. Even though I does the averaging, I won't do always. Instead I maintain the actual purchased cost in my excel sheet. I sell each set I purchased with every rise from my 1st account. I sell from from my 2nd account for a good lump sum profit. This is my style and you no need to follow it. But it is important to decide when to buy. Some tips are below.

  • When the price is rising -> This is good opportunity. You can refer buy/sell target given by different brokers like ICICI direct and all.
  • When the price drop suddenly -> But decide only after checking the reason for drop. Also don't buy if it fall from the peak. If it is falling because of some bad reasons, it can call continuously. That case better to wait till it is stable. But don't miss opportunity.
  • Don't invest in single stock. Widen your portfolio with as many stocks which you can refer and manage.
  • Invest in different sectors.

4. When to sell

Better don't sell all for less margin. Sell gradually or wait till it gives good profit. If you are investing in Large Cap, you can keep it for long term like FD or Mutual fund. You should have patience for getting the right profit from multi bagger stocks. But it is difficult, I also failed to judge this. If you are a long term investor then surely you can get benefit for it.

5. Stock Review & Recommendations

Here I am giving some recommendations of stocks. This is just my own opinion. As I explained above, please don't buy stocks just seeing recommendations (include mine). You should learn yourself and decide. Also always check the recommendation date before taking any decision. Please note we don't take any responsibility of your losses or profits, buying or selling should be as per your own decision. We are just helping you.

Stock Review and Recommendations



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